Dhruvaa - The Sanskrit Band

04 Years, above 250 concerts, across India.

World’s one and only music band, which is based on India’s oldest own tradition of Vedic–gaan and Stotra–gaan, in Sanskrit language, the mother language, the language of the God. The concept of Dhruvaa is inspired by Bharatmuni (2nd century B.C.), as he described in Natyashastra. Dhruvaa is purely based on Indian classical music with the melody of western music is combinedly called the Fusion. We are representing the soul, the identity of Bharat ie. India. So the music is full of tradition. Whether it’s an inspiring tune or a commitment to present music from the heart, the band members of Dhruvaa - The Sanskrit Band have embraced these traditions while establishing a few of their own since joining back in 2015. In the time that they have been together as an influential Fusion Band, Dr. Sanjay Dwivedi (Founder) have managed to capture the hearts of fans from all over, and rolled out some truly amazing tunes like Bhaj Govindam, Achyutam Keshavam, Madhurashtakam ... 

Dhruvaa is founded by young music composer, singer and sanskrit scholar Dr. Sanjay Dwivedi in 24th January 2015. Dhruvaa were born out of a strong desire to make friendly the moral values of sanskrit for young generation. Sanskrit, which not only a language but it is the soul of Indian philosophy, culture, arts and literature.

The member of band loved the most: playing music for peace, happiness and devotion. Since then, they’ve turned their passion into a success by seamlessly adapting their talents to the musical collective Dhruvaa - a creative whole greater than the sum of it’s parts.

A stylistically unique Fusion Band from day one, the members of Dhruvaa - The Sanskrit Band have been singing, performing, and playing in sync as if they’d been together their entire musical careers. Throughout the course of the band’s union, they have won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life; performing at a variety of venues, making loads of public appearances, all the while recording new music.

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